I figured my first post on this site should link to some older stuff on wordpress.

This blog started out as a space to post work for graphics courses in the first year of my masters.  It’s surprising just how nice it is to have a web-accessible compilation of work. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t do this with more projects I’ve done since graduating. I suppose that’s part of the reason why I finally decided to build this current site.

Then there’s this blog. It was my “unofficial” architecture and related work blog.  I started it with the intention of posting on topics I found interesting, but didn’t want to include in my EVDA blog. My intent was to post more personally driven projects (i.e. the tee designs) rather than have an instructional blog or journal.

In retrospect, it’s nice to flip through old work — not only for the nostalgia, but also to see how certain skills were developed in the span of a few years.